Ukulele Workshop

Group Contact Alan Read
Telephone 01726 812751
Email: alanrread <at>

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Initially set up by the Strummers Ukulele Fun and Sing Along Group we are a small

group of enthusiastic, like-minded ukulele players who enjoy music and who are keen

to develop and progress our musical ability. The emphasis is on playing the ukulele

and singing with the occasional inclusion of other instruments to enhance particular


We see ourselves as a group which is complementary to the Strummers Ukulele Fun

and Sing Along Group which meets each Monday. 

Sessions are conducted in a helpful and supportive way.

Meetings are held every Friday at the Lostwithiel Forum's Platform Meeting Room on

the Station from 2.00 to 4.00 pm.

Update15th June. We had a great meeting today with 12 of us present!