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Science Group is intended for anyone with an interest in Science or Engineering.
No academic qualifications are required.

Update October 2018

We found the last Thursday of the month suits most people, so our next U3A Science Group meeting will be on Thursday 29th of November. This will be our last meeting of the year. Usual time of 3:00 pm at the Royal Oak, Duke Street.

Contact Linden for more details.

Members often show us items they have made, or worked with, or want to know more about.

At one past meeting we cooked beefburgers using solar power, (here we learned that if the sun's rays are focused too well, you can burn the centre of a burger and have the outer edges raw!).

On another occasion we saw an instrument made by one of our members that measured the amount of silt deposited on the sea bed.

We may also discuss recent discoveries that are in the news.