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Poetry Reports 2013-2016

UPDATE 10 December 2016

Our next meeting will be on Friday 13 January.
We will be looking at the poetry of Cornish poet Charles Causley.

Update  4th November 2016 
The next meeting will be Friday 11 November. We will continue discussing T S Eliot's  The Waste Land and more cat poems.


Update  5th October 2016 

Next meeting will be 13th Oct.  Subject will be T.S. Eliot (Part 2),  We will discuss Marina, a cat poem  and touch on The Waste Land.

Update  4th April 2016 

Next poetry group meeting  arranged for May 13th 2016. Join us at 10.30  in The Platform Meeting Room on Lostwithiel Station  The subject is going to be Robert Frost. 


Update  6th March  2016 
The  next Poetry Group  Meeting will be on Friday 11 March 2016.
Join us at 10.30  in The Platform Meeting Room on  Lostwithiel Station. We will be discussing John Keats.

John Keats

Update  7th March  2015  

This month’s (Friday 13th March) subject is Robert Frost. Read more here.


Update  5th February   2015  

 This month’s (Friday 13th February) subject is Lord Byron.  Read more here.

Update  5th  January   2015 

 This month’s (Friday 9th) subject is William Blake.

Read  about Blake on Wikipedia

Update  6th December   2014
We will be having seasonal poems for the 12th December meeting.  Christmas, New Year or the weather!!!!


(Image by gubgib and  FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Update  1st September  2014
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

The next meeting will be held on Friday 12th September starting at 10-30 am in the Platform Meeting Room. The topic will be  "The Poems of  John Betjeman"

Lostwithiel U3A  Poetry Group

Update  3rd March  2014

We will be taking a break in March and our next Poetry meeting will be on Friday 11th April, when we will be reading "Love Poetry "...   faze 2... come along and join us at 10.30 The Platform Room Lostwithiel Station.  (Another painting  by Izumi Omori.)

Update 16th January  2014

Poetry Group next meeting is on Friday 14th February in the meeting room at the Platform - subject " LOVE".......painting is by Izumi Omori.

Update 15th November 2013
Christmas Poetry

The next meeting will be on Friday 13th December at 10-30 am.

December's Poetry subject will be   "Poetry for the Season  -  Midwinter,  Yule , Solstice, and  Christmas." 

Phone or email Jose for details.