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Group Contact -
Josephine  Child 

Telephone -
01208 871284

Email  -  josechild(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk 

Our meetings are held  monthly every 2nd Friday at 10.30am in the Platform meeting room, Lostwithiel Station.

Update 10th June 2018

The next meeting will be on Friday 14th September and the subject is Ted Hughes.

Update  17th April 2018
The next meeting is on Friday 20th April, at  Barry's house on Brunel Quays.  The subject is “The Liverpool Poets”. 


Liverpool Poets -

Update  7th March 2018

The  subject for our meeting on March 9th is Simon Armitage


Update  12th October 2017
At our meeting on Friday 13th October we will discuss Gerard Manley Hopkins, The following meeting on 10th November will be about Ted Hughes.

Ted Hughes - Crow

Update  17th July 2017

The  Group discussed poems of  Carol Ann Duffy at the meeting held on Friday 14th July.

Update  2nd June 2017
Our next meeting will be on Friday 9th June. We will continue discussing Dylan Thomas.

Update  3rd April  2017
Owing to Good Friday our next meeting will be on Friday 12th May.  The Poet will be Dylan Thomas.

Anthony Hopkins reads Dylan Thomas's poem

Update 17th February 2017
At our  March 10th meeting the subject will be John Clare.

(Image from Wikimedia Commons
Public Domain Work)

Update 7th February 2017
Lord Byron will be the subject of our meeting this month on 10th February.

(Image from Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain Work)

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