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Information about events during  2018 have been moved to an archive page

Update 27th January 2019

Here is a link to the first newsletter of 2019 jam-packed with information about activities interesting articles, reports and even items for sale. It shows what a busy group we are!

Four documents, three of which relate to our field trip to Truro on 28th February, have been added to the website:

The following websites also provide information about Street Photography and the law

Note: It should be possible to read the Facebook Group on a PC without an account.

Happy photography,



Update 14th January 2019

 It's a New Year and a good moment to make some photography resolutions! To help we have the first of our regular Platform meetings, this coming Thursday (17th Jan) at 2.00pm, when Nick is not only talking about Street photography, but also sharing some of the images from the Rotary Club Young Photographer competition.

The following Thursday, the 24th, is a field trip to the church at St Just in Roseland, an information sheet is available via this link. Thanks to Kathryn for the idea and initial research.

Following on from the last newsletter David says, "Happy New Year to All.  Firstly may I sincerely thank those of you who have completed the Needs/Talents survey- I’ve had contributions from 10 group members so far. I would still welcome more responses before our next Platform meeting on 17th January- the more people involved in this process, the more “added value” is potentially available to you as a Group member. The link is:-  Not surprisingly Photoshop currently appears the most popular topic together with some individual “camera awareness” issues & help with certain genres of Photography. I will be progressing the various ideas/topics by contacting those who have contributed so far & intend to update the Group at our next Platform meeting. Thanks again for your support”

Wishing you all a year of exciting photography,


Update 14th December 2018

December Newsletter (Edition 6) now available. Click on large Blue / Yellow "Latest Newsletter" button at top of page to read latest version.  An archive of previous editions of the newsletter is available on the Photography Documents page of the website.  The activity Calendar has also been updated. Again click on the large Blue / Yellow button at top of page to read latest version.

Information about events during the second half of 2017 have been moved to an archive page