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2015 Family History Archive


We had our Christmas Lunch this year at Cloisters Restaurant, St Austell College what a tremendous  meal it was, cooked by 1st year students, the food was cooked beautifully, presented to perfection, the service by the waiters was excellent too, apart from our group there  were other groups there as well including Lostwithiel WI, in total about 60 people, which made for a great atmosphere, all the group sang the praises for the lunch, my thanks go to Linda who organised it for us.


Happy Christmas to everyone, see you in January for our next meeting which on Thursday 14th

November Meeting

For this meeting we looked at how to add a  postem to the GRO listings on FreeBMD, a postem is a message that can be entered with information about that person listed,  this enables you to add details that you know about the person, like the day they were born, married or died, where these events too place, along with any more information of this fact, if they died accidently this can also be added along with the details if that’s what you want to add.  The idea behind it is there may other family members doing the same research (you may not necessarily know of them) or if it is a common name it may eliminate that person for someone else who may be researching the same family name but not your family, therefore it is a very useful tool.


October Meeting

During the summer months I read through my magazines and found all sorts of articles on various subjects to help our family history research, some of the titbits I found may not be obvious while researching, I called my talk “Odds and Bobs”. Hope the group found it interesting and helpful, the information I spoke about  may be useful to them in their future research. I sent a copy of my talk to each member for future reference (it go on bit)


September Meeting

After a break for the summer months, 6 of us settled down to getting ourselves in gear for our Family History Research for the coming months ahead, the rest of group are still on holiday as September is a popular month for taking a break to find some autumn sunshine.

We will be doing our research in earnest from October

 no Meetings in  May, June,July or August

April Meeting

At this Meeting we each did our own research, with the emphasis  on trying to break down our brick walls, I flitted between everyone helping them to find the right sites to find the information they needed, unfortunately not all the information is on line,  a message entered on  the  Rootschat forum is a good place to ask for information that other people have access to, or a visit to the respective County Record Office maybe another option.
Did any walls come tumbling down, who knows, but a brick or two may have been dislodged to help the wall collapse.

11 of us celebrated our 2nd Birthday lunch at the Trelawney Restaurant, Wadebridge, food was very good, we all did a lot of chatting, a good get together,  my sincere thanks to Sue for organising it.

February Meeting

For this Meeting I gave a presentation on Wills, explaining to the group how Wills can provide a unique insight into a person’s life. They can sometimes confirm relationships within a family which may not always be evident or give details of their family you never knew about.


Although only a small proportion of people made a Will, if you can find one for your family it can open a window into their lives.  Most testators make bequests to relatives, with wives, children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces, and nephews frequently named.


You can also get clues about their occupation. Sometimes their occupation will mentioned in the Will


Treasured possessions were commonly bequeathed by Will, with considerable detail given to ensure that they could be correctly identified after the owners death.                                                                              





January 2015 Meeting

This was our 2nd Birthday Meeting I made everyone a small birthday cake to celebrate the occasion.

This month we talked about WWI, what websites to use to try and find the menfolk who fought in the war, it is not an easy task as 60% of army service records were destroyed in WII when the building where they were housed was bombed, also some of the remaining records are not in good condition they really need to be read carefully to find information in them to confirm the soldier is one of their ancestors. You sometimes even make discoveries you never knew about, such a marriage date and spouse’s name, children may be mentioned, half brothers and sisters entered which gives you the clue that their Mum had been married before, that gives you something else to search, who did she marry when and when?

Not all men served in the Army, Naval and Royal Air Force records are there  to search but not so many, another place to look  for information are the  Newspapers which can now be searched on  line for a fee, your ancestor may have been mentioned in an article or two, so it’s worth a search.

Hopefully they will find information about the fighting men in their families, which will add to their individual stories.