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2013 / 14 Family History Archive

December 2014 Meeting
This month we held a Do it Yourself meeting with each member doing their own research, we have now moved downstairs to the Lower Meeting Room for all future Meetings.

For our January Meeting I will be talking about how to research for WWI ancestors on various web sit

November 2014 Meeting

We had a presentation and talk on The Guild of One Name Studies  known by us family history nuts as (GOONS) given by Sheila Clarkson, a member of the St Austell U3A Family History Group, Sheila has been researching her family history for many years, then decided to register her maiden name of Fermer with the Guild to do a One name Study herself, this involves people around the world with this name (not necessarily her own family) sending their details to her,  Sheila keeps records of all contacts and information given to her by them, she has even put families who are related (but not to her)  in contact with each other, on  one occasion a family in Germany with relatives in South America, they met up in Germany a few years ago and are still in contact today.  She has also organised a family name reunion with people coming from around the world to attend, in her presentation were photographs of the reunion, Sheila finds it very rewarding, and we found it very interesting, putting a different slant on our family names.


I hope the group have been checking out the Guild’s website  to see if any of the names they are researching are listed, they may even find relatives of their own they never knew existed.

Our next meeting is 11th December

October 2014

This meeting had to be cancelled

September 2014 Meeting


At this meeting we talked and looked at a Genealogy Forum named Rootschat, (I do go on about it a lot at Meetings), if you are faced with a brick wall, you can submit the details on the Forum , then other people who view this Forum (worldwide) can help you  with ideas or even have the information you require to solve your brickwall. I personally have had some fantastic results to some of my queries, therefore I thought this may help the group with their research. I was going to ask the group at the October meeting if they had used the site and if they had any interesting  results, but unfortunately the October Meeting had to be cancelled.


In November we are having a speaker who will do a talk on the Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS) this is another aspect on family names.

Update July and August 2014

We are having  a break for the summer our next meeting is September 11th

Although we had no Family History Meetings during July and August, we did have a bring and share get together lunch at my home in August. Unfortunately the  weather was not kind to us  so we couldn’t eat in the garden, but were we downhearted,  no!,  we had lots to eat an drink, baguettes, cheese, cooked meats, salad, dips and scrumptious desserts,  wine, soft drinks, tea and coffee, we did a lot of chatting, and laughing till late afternoon. I hope the group enjoyed it as much as I did.


Update June 2014

This month we discussed some interesting findings we have found in our research, Christine found 2 members of her family (not a direct line) had been hung for murder at Bodmin jail, she transcribed the newspaper report and read part of it to  us, it gave a very interesting insight to their last night in prison, the article said that thousands came from all over Cornwall to see the hanging.

Sue brought in a tape of a family member who was talking about what life was like for him, her family are lucky to have this special memorabilia.

All in all it was a very interesting meeting.

Update  May 2014

This month we had another very interesting talk from Peter Finlay our thanks go to him.

Update March 2014

At the March meeting we listened to a Podcast from The National Archives about "Finding lost Ancestors and knocking down brick walls" the talk lasted about 45 mins there was a lot of helpful information on trying to solve the problems we all come up against with our research, it is very frustrating when you just can't find the records you are looking for, the group then used their laptops to put the ideas into practice, hopefully some brick walls and lost ancestors will now be found.

Update February 2014

We have moved our venue for all future meetings to the Community Centre.

During January I circulated the marriage certificate details of my late in laws and asked the group to find the relevant information for the birth year of the bride and groom, brides mother's name and any other information they could find quite a few had a go.

At the meeting I helped them find the information from the certificate, of which there are at least 4 things wrong, the Community Centre has WIFI  many members brought along their laptops/devices so they could then search for the details themselves, they could see how different web sites gave the information, one not at all, I hope it helped them with their searching skills,  it made the meeting more interesting for them rather than me doing a presentation and just showing the results to them. 

Update January 2014

December we had a very nice lunch at Lanhydrock House, thanks to Lin Briggs for organising it.

January saw our 1st Birthday I made a cake as a  celebration, see photo below.  Martin downloaded some Cornish Records which we then viewed, there was some interesting reading amongst it. Later we chatted about what the group would like to do in the coming months.

Update 14/11/2013

We had a very interesting talk and presentation given by Ann Hicks entitled "Written in words of stone" about headstones and churchyards, Ann is a very entertaining, knowledgeable  speaker, I learnt a lot as I'm sure many members did also.

There is NO meeting in December. we meet again January 9th 2014

Update 10/10/2013

At the October meeting we chatted about the research we have been during the glorious summer.