Family History

Group Contact  - Bren Mead
Telephone  - 01503 220647 when prompted Please say this is a U3A inquiry
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                    We meet the Second Wednesday at                                                    The Red  Store, Lerryn
  Our Next Family History Meetings are Wednesday 14th March

  •  Morning Beginners Group  10 - 12.30       
  •  Afternoon Group 2 - 4.30

  Sorry, both Groups are full, please email to be added to a waiting list if interested in      joining either group.

Morning Group

Today we continued where we left off last month firstly by searching for our own then our parents birth entry in FreeBMD and the GRO indexes, the I produced marriages certificates where things were not quite what they seemed, the first one was an illegal marriage which took place in 1891 between Walter Kemp and Jane Cole they were brother in law and sister in law, at that time this was an illegal marriage, the reason they married was Jane's sister Harriet Kemp had died leaving 8 children and Jane’s husband William Cole had died leaving Jane with 4 children, so Jane & Walter decided to marry, but on that marriage certificate Jane’s Father is entered as Edward Cole, when in fact is was Edward Hoy, who appears correctly on her marriage certificate to William Cole in 1880.

The second marriage certificate had 5 errors on it I explained them all as I knew the couple personally and told them what should have been written down, so it just goes to show even when you have a certificate you still need to look at it carefully and do research on the information to see if it is in fact correct.

Afternoon Group

Today we decided to tackle brick walls, I believe Sue got one of her walls concluded, Gill may have found what she was looking for, and is waiting for a reply from a contact on Ancestry, and I helped give some advice regarding an unusual birth certificate, but this one probably won’t ever be solved in full, but there were a few new avenues for her to try, so you never know, sometimes we have to acknowledge we will never find the complete answer we are looking for.


January saw the 5th Birthday of the Family History Group, this month we tried dating our photographs comparing pictures I removed from various Family History Magazines of people from the 1850’s to 1940’s, we compared our photographs with the fashion of the day through time, some of us did have some success in dating our photographs, thus helping to identify the person who is in our tree.


Today saw the birth of a new beginners group, we started by looking at birth index entries on the Freebmd website and the General Register Office (GRO) listings web site, to see how the GRO site helped us to identify the correct person in the index, eliminating the chance of acquiring the wrong birth certificate if we chose to order one,  I explained that errors can  occur both in the indexes and the actual certificates themselves, showing them examples, I demonstrated how to search  the indexes using the two web sites, then asked them to find their own families birth entries.

Next  month we will continue where we left off this month.



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