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Group Contact - Ronnie Puttock

Telephone:  01208 872681 or 07786 261525 


This very informal writing group would welcome new members. It meets on the last Tuesday of each month
in Platform Meeting Room on Lostwithiel Station. Members write on an agreed topic and then share what they have written. Some examples of the group's work may be read on the blog

Today, we held out last meeting before our summer break. Eight stories on the Bristol postmark topic were there to discuss and what a mixed bag they were. Themes ranged from gnomes (again) to astronauts via gay marriage and lost (and found) loves. There are three stories on the blog page.
We now have two months to write about the next topic: "Unfinished Business".
We meet again on Tuesday 24 September.

We've had two meetings since the last update. May was on "The Dinner Party" and the yesterday we held our June meeting when the topic was "Garden Ornament". A couple of stories on this topic can be seen on the blog page. The July meeting will take place on 30 July. The topic for that meeting has been taken from an article in the current "Third Age Matters" and is "it was postmarked Bristol".

It's been a very long time since I updated this page. Despite that, the group has grown in size and now numbers 10, when everyone can make it. Our next meeting will be today and the topic we have written on is "Gone Fishing". Stories submitted include one about Morgawr, another set in India and a ghost story; a veritable melange of ideas. It always surprises us how many different interpretations there can be on a topic. At the top of this page is a link to a Wordpress site where some of our stories can be read. This hasn't been updated for a long time. 
I will be more diligent in future, I will be more diligent in future, I will be more diligent............
And here I am after our meeting today. It went very well and was very enjoyable (unfortunately, the biscuits were left behind!). Two stories will be put on the blog page.
The next meeting is on May 28 at 2 p.m. The topic that we have chosen is: The Dinner Party


The meeting scheduled for December 2018 falls on Christmas Day and will not take place.

The first meeting planned for the new year is scheduled for 29th January 2019. Please contact Ronnie Puttock for more details.


Although I haven't updated this site since December, the Group is still going strong with a rich variety of work produced and lively discussions every month.
Our meetings for the rest of 2017 are:
Tuesday 25 July
(we don't meet in August)
Tuesday 26 September 
Tuesday 31 October
Tuesday 28 November
(we don't meet in December)
All are held at The Platform at 2 p.m. and last around 2 hours.

  • All the copies of "Eleven By Six" that I had have been sold. If you want a copy you need to go to and enter "Eleven By Six" in 'search' (Or, more easily, by clicking on "ordering details here" in the December 2016 update).
  • Earlier this year a project was announced to create a New Cornish Short Story Collection. The closing date for submissions ended on 7 July and several of us have sent entries for this project. We'll have to wait and see if any of us will be successful and have a story included in the book.
  • The topic for July's meeting is "(The) Unseen". How was this chosen? By the very scientific and democratic procedure of sticking my finger on a newspaper page and picking the nearest sensible word. We're that serious!



Read short stories by Creative Writing Group

Eleven By Six is a volume of eleven short stories by six members of the Creative Writing Group. Between its covers you'll find stories of adventure, history, humour, folk-lore and a hint of sex. The book can only be bought through and costs £6.49 (including postage).  Ordering details here.  This little book would make a marvellous stocking filler.


The  group has increased in size and meetings will now be held in Platform Meeting Room on Lostwithiel Station. Dates and times for the remainder of the year as follows:-

  • Tuesday 26th July at 2 PM
  • Tuesday 27th September at 2 PM
  • Tuesday 25th October at 2 PM
  • Tuesday 29th November at 2 PM



Here you will find some of the work produced by this group. 
This blog is intended to give you a flavour of our output and we hope that you will be encouraged to join the Group.
New stories will (if I remember) be added each month but a selection of older stories will be added to the archive. 
Click on the link above to get access to the blog. This will take you to the Home page and all the stories that have been posted. Click on a month in the archive to get that particular month's postings.
6 October 2015

I'm not very good at keeping this page up to date, am I?
We have met every month (except for August when we took our annual break)since I last made an entry and also read out some of our work at the U3A meeting in July.
We are a small group and would love to have more members. People have been put off joining us because they think they'll never be as good as us while others have been once but not again, probably because they think we're not professional enough. OK, so we may not want to be famous or even published authors but we do take our writing seriously. Not too seriously, though, that we can't learn from the critiques from our fellow members. Like the "fun" ukulele group, we want to improve but have fun doing it.
If you heard our presentation at the U3A meeting or read our blog then you'll have come across some of our better stuff. If you don't think you can match that, then remember we only publicise our best work!
Our next meeting will be on TUESDAY 27 OCTOBER at 2 p.m. The venue is undecided at the moment, but phone or email me at the above number/address.
There's a selection of topoics to write about: Hallowe'en, (N)Ukulele Wars - or something to do with ukuleles! or on a topic of your own choice.
In the meantime I've put a couple more stories on the blog. Please have a look.

Ronnie Puttock


14 April 2015  

It's a couple of weeks since our last meeting, so here's the belated write up of that meeting (which was held at the cafe in the Community Centre  -  nice tea; nice cake).
The topic for March had been "Something Missing" and there were four contributions and the missing objects/persons were: a watch and chain; a bridegroom; a mermaid (at least it may have been one -  we can only surmise) and a peapod (yes, you read that right!)
Our next meeting will be at the usual venue at the usual time (see above). There is no particular topic this month  -  it is an open subject and you can write about whatever you like.
As well as discussing our contributions we will also choose which stories/pieces of writing to read out at the U3A AGM next month. 
There will be a selection of our shorter pieces and probably some of our very short (micro) fiction in a 15 - 20 minute slot. 

Ronnie Puttock


17 February 2015

My apologies! Has it really been five months since I updated this page. 
Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa!
We had a meeting today  -  a week earlier than usual  -  because two of our members couldn't make the usual date which is the last Tuesday in the month.
There were three submissions on the subject of "Fire". These, or a selection of them, will go on our blog page (see above) in due course. I will also post some of the stories we've produced since the last batch in July 2014. 
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 31 March at 2 p.m. but not at our usual venue. We'll be meeting in the Community Centre cafe instead.
The chosen topic is "something missing". The 'something' could be an object, a person, an animal, something in one's life, the point...............
The group is still going strong, I'm pleased to say, and we are preparing to make a presentation by reading of some of our work at the U3A meeting in May.

Ronnie Puttock